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Replace Shock Absorber, Why, When & How.

Do you know why shock absorber is so important for driving?

Because it makes sure safety and comfort

  • Proper fitment result in safer & comfortable driving conditions.
  • Replace shock absorbers periodically
  • Do check for damages

What are the problems caused by worn out shock absorber?

  • Excessive shaking on the unpaved road
  • Unstable ride at high speed
  • Excessive nosedive and squat during acceleration and braking
  • Longer stopping distance
  • Tyre bouncing on a bumpy road
  • Bad fuel consumption

When should we replace the shock absorber?

  • Uneven tread wear shows the shock absorber are worn out
  • When your car tends to drift or bounce when you experience loss of handling control
  • When your car keeps rocking while you push the hood down
  • When your car is bouncing continuosly
  • When you hear a stange and unfamiliar sound from the shock absorber

What is the purpose of shock absorber?

  • Keeps tyres firmly on the road
  • Better road grip and control

What is the sign of a dead shock absorber?

  • Dents on the outer casing
  • Bend on the piston
  • Damaged bushes and washers

When do you recommend to change the shock absorber?

  • Generally you need to replace the shock absorbers every 20,000 kms

Can we replace one shock absorber alone

  • Do not replace one shock absorber alone
  • Always replace all the shock absorbers at one time

What grade shock absorber suits my car?

  • Sets higher that OE, not down than OE
  • If original shocks are Oil= set Oil (44/63/66 series) or Twin Tube Gas (34/36/33 series) or Mono Tube Gas (55 series)
  • If original shocks are Twin tube Gas= set Twin tube Gas (34/36/33 series) or Mono Tube Gas (55 series), No Oil Shock (44/63/66 series)
  • If original shocks are Mono Tube Gas= set Mono Tube Gas (55 series), No Oil Shock (44/63/66 series) and No Twin Tube Gas (34/36/33 series)

What is the advantage of Gas Shock Absorbers?

  • Stable road grip
  • Better comfort on rough roads

How safe are reconditioned Shock Absorbers?

  • No adequate damping force
  • Harmful to human life
  • Less durability makes frequent replacement

Is life span of gas shock absorbers more than that of oil shock absorbers?

  • Both gas and oil shock absorbers have same life span

Can I check damping force of the shock absorber by hand testing?

  • Shock absorbers should not be hand tested
  • Aactual damping force cannot be checked by hand

How about KYB’s damping force?

  • KYB shock absorber’s damping force is always more than genuine shock absorbers

How to store the shock absorbers?

  • Do not store the shock absorbers in upright position
  • Always store them in flat position

Points to be noted before installation

  • Hold the shock abosorbers vertically
  • Pull the piston rod/cover right up to the maximum expansion
  • Press down the piston rod/cover to the maximum compressed length
  • Do this operation at least 4 to 5 times
  • This operations allows to prime the shock absorber

Points to be noted before installation

  • Always use a new lock nut while using a new shock absorber
  • While installing the brake hose, make sure to release air bubles on all brake hoses
  • Always use a torque wrench to tighten the lock nut
  • Please check the manufacturers service manual for the torque required
  • Replace the bumper stop in case of missing or broken
  • Bumper stop is fitted on the shock absorbers to prevent bottoming and possible damages to the bottom compression valve of the shock absorber
  • Remove the stabilizer link from the strut assembly and the braek hose
  • Cap the tip of the hose to avoid spillage of the brake fluid
  • Take off the bolts from the bottom attachment bracket
  • Take off the attachment nut on the top and remove the strut assembly from vehicle
  • Hold the strut assembly in a vice and set spring compressors on both sides and compress the spring
  • Remove the lock nut located on top of the rod
  • Take off the upper support assembly, spring seat, coil spring and dust boot
  • Keep these parts in one location as they may be re-used for installation of the new shock absorbers

Always use the proper tools to replace the shock absorber like torque wrench and a pair of spring compressors



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